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  “I worked with Randyce when she was a member of the Orange County board for FFB and she was professional, creative and a hard worker for the group. I have since gotten more acquainted with her since I have been at the Discovery Eye Foundation when she started her new company AdaptiveVoice. She has done an amazing job in her development of the software program, C-Desk, to make things easier for people who are visually impaired. She has demonstrated a true understanding of the challenges they face and paid attention to the smallest details to make it a useful program.” January 25, 2011 Susan Lee DeRemer, Director of Development, Southern Calif. Region, Foundation Fighting Blindness
 “Randyce is a responsive, proactive person who is personable and bright. She is a team player who works well with others.”
January 25, 2011 Sally Dang, Dr, Pacific Optometry Group, Inc
“My wife has is legally blind. Randy and her son provided much needed assistance with a computer program that magnifies the images on the monitor to enable my wife to utilize the computer. I would recommend this program to anyone that has visual problems.
Marty Stradtman” August 5, 2011  
 “Our low vision community has found Randyce's CDesk software to be very intuitive and helpful. I appreciate the personal interest she and her staff take in us, which greatly helps to reduce our level of technophobia.”
June 26, 2011 Dan Roberts, Founding Director, Macular Degeneration Support
 “I have had the privilege to work alongside Randy on several Foundation Fighting Blindness projects. Randy has limitless energy and her great passion for her work is apparent from beginning to end. She does possess a high level of tenacity and perseverance that has helped her succeed time and time again. To me, this feature is quite a gift when it is combined with diplomacy and tact. Randy truly has what it takes to makes things happen under most any circumstances. I highly recommend Randy.”
March 6, 2011 Dean Gavello, President-Orange County Chapter, Foundation Fighting Blindness

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