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CDesk for Media is no longer available for purchase. These pages are available for the use of existing clients.

CDesk For Media By AdaptiveVoice is a High-Contrast, Large-Print, Short-Cut and Fully Speech-Enabled Desktop Solution for downloading and managing access to National Library System BARD provider.
Downloading books from BARD can be tedious for sighted computer users and extremely difficult for very low vision users. The low vision computer user needs to be fluent with an internet screen reader and knowledgeable about use of several other separate windows programs. One Braille instructor recently related that he teaches the process as 23 distinct steps.

CDesk for Media Makes It EASY

CDesk for Media is

  • 1). Enter your book title or author name
  • 2). Select from the results list.
  • 3). Choose GET
  • CDesk for Media will automatically retrieve the book from the provider, uncompress the files, store the book in its own directory on your disk drive, and transfer the book to your USB drive, Digital Cartridge or VictorReader.
    JUST THREE SIMPLE STEPS and you are ready to listen to your book.

    Please review our tutorials page for descriptive video of how CDesk for Media works.